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Kelly Cloud

- Jan 28, 2018 8:41 AM EST

My husband and I took my in laws here Friday night before the Jeff Dunham show..we got a Quesadilla w/ chicken, my mother in law and I both got burgers, my father in law got a French dip, and my husband got fish. Our drinks were good..The restarant itself was very nice, and clean.. and our waiter was great! BUT The food was disappointing to say the least!! Our quesadilla didn't have chicken.. and my burger was so pink in the middle I couldn't eat it!! I would have sent the food back.. but we had to get to the show on I ended up eating when we got there. We spent close to $100 for poor food.. we would have be better off going to a cheap bar somewhere.

Heather Sheldon

- Aug 20, 2017 5:29 PM EDT

I always have a good time at the woods. So of course I'm throwing my first bachelorette party with people coming from different states for this party. So of course I take them too the woods. I've NEVER been to a bar that turns down bachlorette party and makes them wait in line, not only that we all had to pay cover including the bride!!! So embarrassed that I took them to the woods! I've been to bars in East Lansing for Bach parties, Kalamazoo, Chicago never had to wait in line or pay cover.

Alec Hudson

- Feb 10, 2017 12:48 PM EST

Came here for happy hour on a Friday with my girlfriend. Sat at the bar right in front of the bartender. She didn't even acknowledge us. 5-10 minutes later she asked us what we'd like to drink. Their happy hour was $3 drafts, nothing special. Overall good atmosphere, bad service, good music, average happy hour special.

Carly Vincent

- Dec 2, 2016 7:34 AM EST

Placed an order for take out. When I asked for an order of "chips and salsa" I was told that Guacamole game with it, but I was not informed it was an additional item with cost. Also I arrived and was given my ticket to pay, I placed it and the money on the bar while I waited for my order. One of the bartenders took the money and placed it on the back bar. She DID NOT cash it out and provide me with change. (I put a $20 and a $1 for a bill of $20.03) Then another bartender cashed out the ticket and still DID NOT provide any change. A few moments later I was handed my food and that was it. Not even a "have a good day" or "thanks". Overall I was not treated like a paying customer, and I was not given change for my to-go bill. I am not making an issue out the change as it was only 93 cents. However, it is a very BOLD presumption that gratuity is given for a take out order. Also I believe it is customary to leave the change on the bar and if the patron doesn't take it, it would then be for the server. I most likely will not return for a lunch order nor will I recommend anyone I would with to order anything for take out.


- Jul 30, 2016 5:33 PM EDT

Food was horrible. Staff was rude.


- May 10, 2016 5:31 AM EDT

I was with a group for a girls night out and was so disappointed in this place as it has been a favorite of mine in the past. We maybe had 15 girls and our waitress was so unresponsive that is was unbelievable. We had to request drinks 4 or 5 times before getting served. We all had dinner and planned on spending the whole night there. She had the potential to earn a ton in tips if she had given us the time of day. If that was bad enough, there is nothing like getting ripped off by the staff/bartenders. It took so long for our waitress to come to our tables to get drinks we started just going to the bar to get our own. I purchased 2 bud lights of which I was told the total was $10.50. I gave the bartender $20.50 and she gave me change and ran down to the end of the bar. As I stood there looking at my change, I realized that she gave me $9.00 back. When I tried to get her attention, she totally ignored me. I finally got the attention of another bartender and when I told her that I didn't get all my change and explained what I gave and what I received back, she handed me .50. I was puzzled. I am the first to leave a tip but I want it to be my decision not someone elses, and I had already left a 25% tip on my dinner and drinks at my table, I was not leaving a tip just to be handed a beer. I went up again for another beer later and the same thing happened. So you train your bartenders to rip off people for tips!!! I then went to a table with my group not far from the bar and was lucky enough for a waiter to come ask if we would like something, so I ordered a Bud light. Funny how when he brought me the bill, Bud light cost $4.50 but the bar was charging $5.50 and not giving the correct change. Needless to say, I will never go to this place again. You train your staff to steal from your customers, overcharge the cost of drinks and are lame when it comes to serving groups. What a shame and you should be embarrassed for your staff feeling that those who are there do not work hard for their money. We were a group of woman who hardly ever get out to enjoy time away from our families and what a disappointment this was to realize that your staff cheats your patrons. I am sure you are thinking....we have other people that come we don't need this person....yeah keep thinking that way. Once people catch on your ratings will go down and you will be hurting. I do not recommend this place for anyone who wants some good honest fun. The employees here are not honest. You lost a good 15 to 20 people coming to this place ever again. So very sad and disappointed.


- Apr 16, 2016 8:29 AM EDT

I do not normally complete these surveys; only when there has been exceptional service or horrible service. This was a horrible experience... My brother in law came to Grand Rapids on the first nice day of the year and we were out to explore GR for the day. The day was Saturday 4-16-2016 around 1:30 in the daytime. I did not plan on spending over two hours simply waiting on an order of wings and steak. Upon arrival, we sat at a table outside and had Kelly as a waitress. When asking Kelly about drink specials and the most basic drinks the Woods offers, Kelly just said she did not know and offered no input. Kelly also didn't know much about the food offered at the Woods and didn't clean up the empty drinks from the people prior to us (just left them on a ledge next to table). After ordering drinks, 20 minutes went by with no sign of Kelly. The table next to us had been waiting longer than us and also were still waiting on drinks. My table and the other table then moved inside since we were not anyone's priority. Once inside at the bar. We found out that the drinks we ordered weren't even in the process yet. From the time we ordered food and getting our bill, it took two hours and the bar was not busy. This was also the first time I've had a waitress ignore making eye contact with us when we needed refills or other requests. Overall, this was regretfully a horrible experience and it is unlikely we will come here again. Other people at to bar expressed the same displeasure. hopefully this was just a fluke because I have heard good things about The Woods in the past